Yes it's that time of year again when we switch up the service to look more closely at Winter related checks. Each customer that comes through the workshop will have one of these FREE checks done - which at first glance might seem like a very foolish thing to do - provide our workshop time for nothing.... So why do we do it?

We realised from talking with our customers that with everyone's lives being so busy these days, car maintenance was pretty low down on the list. However, having a car that's reliable and can keep up with the pace of everyday life - and not let us down - is massively important!

That's why we run these checks - how would anyone know if their brake fluid was being compromised by moisture? Or if their tyres were getting close to the legal limit. It's part of our job as your 'local garage' to take the time and effort to really keep you up to date about your car. We hope that changing parts or fluids only when necessary will save money or keep your car going longer. Those seem like pretty good reasons to commit to do these checks for free. In return, we believe we grow trust and loyalty with our customers. It certainly seems to be the case, with 80 new clients in September and close to three quarters of them came to us through recommendation from existing customers.