What Checks Do I Need To Do To My Car For Winter?

Hillclimb Garage In High Wycombe with Cold Weather Tips For Your Car

Battery Performance

It’s the same every year on the coldest day – guaranteed our phone will ring several times that week, first thing in the morning, with customers stuck on their driveway.The car is absolutely fine the day before and then on that cold morning – nothing at all. Just a click and a few lights maybe.

Battery cells disintegrate over time and it is impossible to tell just from looking at the battery. We have battery testing equipment here with a print out of your results.We can often see degradation of the battery and its great to be aware that at some point the battery will likely fail.Then you have the choice as to whether you replace… or wait.

We do a full range ofYuasa Batteries at Hillclimb Garage and are extremely competitively priced. Call for a quote or send an enquiry online


Whilst winter tyres are not compulsory, they can be an option worth considering for drivers regularly commuting throughout winter. They have a higher silica content, which prevents them from hardening and gives them a better grip on the road (just remember to change them back when winter is over!)

There have been some amazing developments in tyre technology in recent times and now there are special hybrid tyres that you don’t need to change between seasons – they outperform a regular tyre in winter and yet are fantastic tyres in the summer too.The statistics are really impressive in terms of stopping distances in the wet and ice.We are very happy to quote you to change when you next need tyres.

Although we offer a full tyre check as part of our Winter Check, you can get your tyres checked anytime for FREE - best to give us a quick call before you arrive


With snowfall, sun glare, darker evenings and fog to consider – good visibility is essential throughout winter. Conditions can change quickly, and you need the right set up to stay safe.

  • Check that all your lights are working including side lights
  • Your windscreen fluid is topped up and suitable for winter. Never use water as an alternative to windscreen fluid – it won’t clean as well and it can freeze overnight, blocking your fluid dispensers
  • Visually inspect your wiper blades for splits and cracks, any damage will reduce their performance significantly. Any smearing on the screen likely means a new set are needed.We can do them while you wait and are always cheaper than the multiples on the high street.
  • When de-icing your windscreen, don’t ever use hot water as it can crack the screen.Also – try not to use the windscreen wipers to break down the ice - it’s a sure-fire way of degrading your wipers.  


Winter Check – our famous FREE check is back – From October to February we take a thorough look over your car and check your battery health, oil quality, coolant strength, brake fluid quality, tyre quality and pressures, wiper blades and a host of other mechanical checks and report it all back to you – Peace of mind in 30 minutes, and we will even make you a nice cup of coffee too! 

You can BOOK HERE when you are ready or call us on 01494 444481 ​