Air Conditioning Service and Cleanse

Suddenly your Air Conditioning just stops working...... Have you ever noticed that it's always on the first hot day of the year? We perform a full diagnostic and repair service - not just a cannister ReGas (check out those cheap offers around town which will only last you a few weeks).

One tip that we often find ourselves giving is to continue to use your AIR CON during winter months. This keeps the system lubricated and in working order. This is the reason why most Air Con failures are at the beginning of summer.

Air Conditioning should be maintained every few years and ideally before it fails....

It can take a couple of hours to completely ReGas your car so we advise you leave it with us - remember we can COLLECT your car and then DELIVER it back to you later the same day for no additional cost.

Stop Press - Air Con Gas has tripled in price - new price £78 all inclusive