Tyre Change, Tyre Repair and Tyre Inspection in High Wycombe

In order to prolong the life, economy and safety of your tyres, we recommend that they’re inspected every few months. During your inspection, you should be checking for: punctures, tread depth and tyre pressures. We will always perform this for you for FREE! Rest assured when you come in for any work, we will perform a Health Check and take a good look at your tyres. We will advise you if they are wearing unevenly or are coming up to a needed change.

We’ve had experience in the automotive sector for many years and any of our expert technicians would be happy to help and advise you, if you find yourself in need of some new tyres.

We understand that everyone has different budgets and varying needs, so we’ve assembled a large range of brands and prices to suit individual circumstances. We’re confident you’ll be happy with the range we’re able to offer. Our prices are unbeatable and we always have a full stock available, for a convenient wheel change while you wait.

It’s very important that your tyres are pumped up to the optimal PSI in order to achieve the maximum fuel mileage from your vehicle. If the balance and stability of your vehicle is not correct then this will affect your PSI. We offer wheel tracking and balancing, if you feel you’re not getting the most from your vehicle.

Having unsafe tyres are not only against the law, but they’re also extremely dangerous. So for your own piece of mind, then book an appointment with our team at Hillclimb Garage, High Wycombe


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